Borges updates Boragrid projects after an Live encoder event had its ID changed by services like Conductor.

Creating a Base Project

In Boragrid, create a new project and enter the information of your encoders. Size grid to hold all the modules you intend to display. There is no need to define module types at this time.

Go to Settings / App Settings / Advanced. Make sure the “Auto Reopening” field is checked.

Make any desired visual adjustments such as entering full screen mode or hiding the control panel.

Save as your project (Wind: Ctrl+Shift+S | Mac: Shift+Cmd+S) . Give it a name e.i. “base project 01.bg3”.

Creating a Template Project

In Borges select ” 2 – Generate a template from the encoders event lists” at Operation Mode panel.

Go to Groups panel, select “Group 1” tab then enter the path to your base project at “Input project” field.

Enter the path to your output template at “Output Project” field e.i. “template project 01.bg3”.

Click “Scan Now” button.

Customizing the Template Project

Open the generated template project at Boragrid.

Note there are several HTML modules showing some codes. These ones will be replaced by the Controller modules in the next phase.

The event name of each module is shown next to “event name”.

Move, delete, and insert new modules as your project needs.

Save your template project.

Creating your final project

Back to Borges, select “3 – Generate a project from a template”.

Enter the path to your template project in the “Input Project” field of the “Group 1” tab.

Enter the path to your final project at “Output Project” field e.i. “project 01.bg3”.

Click “Scan Now” button.

Open your final project at Boragrid. The old HTML modules are now replaced by Controllers modules.

If there is some think wrong. Repeat the customizing template process and generate a new final project.

Looking for events changes

If a scan process is performed in Borges and an event ID change is found, a new updated final project will be generated.

If the the “Auto Reopening” option is on in Boragrid, the current project will be replaced by its new updated version.

To automate scans, check “Auto Scan” box in Borges.