Keyboard Shortcuts

Full screen mode Windows Mac Full Screen Mode On [...]

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Borges – Quickstart

Borges updates Boragrid projects after an Live encoder event had [...]

Borges – Quickstart2019-01-21T14:13:23+00:00

What’s New

What's new in Boragrid 3.4 Elemental Live cloud based support [...]

What’s New2019-01-15T18:26:25+00:00

Web Page Module

Allows to display an web page inside module area. Note: [...]

Web Page Module2019-01-09T12:03:54+00:00

Image Module

Allows to display an image from a local folder or [...]

Image Module2019-01-09T12:03:04+00:00

Clock Module

Shows a digital clock. Module Settings Title: Enter a title [...]

Clock Module2019-01-09T12:02:07+00:00

HTML Module

Shows an HTML formatted text. You can use Bootstrap 4.0 [...]

HTML Module2019-01-09T12:15:48+00:00

Player Embedder Module

Allows to embedding a web video player. Useful to show [...]

Player Embedder Module2019-01-09T12:15:31+00:00

Encoder Alerts Module

Shows basic system information of a connected encoder such as [...]

Encoder Alerts Module2019-01-09T12:15:13+00:00