Event Controller Module

Allows you to monitor and control a single live event. [...]

Event Controller Module2019-01-09T12:18:31+00:00

Using the Module Toolbar

 Displays the module settings page.  Hides the toolbar. Move the [...]

Using the Module Toolbar2019-01-09T12:13:28+00:00

Choosing a Module

From an empty grid cell, click "Select a Module" and [...]

Choosing a Module2019-01-09T12:13:00+00:00

Advanced Settings

Project Refresh Rate Allows you to refresh the project periodically. [...]

Advanced Settings2019-01-08T19:55:27+00:00

Features Lock Settings

List of features that can be blocked for the Boragrid [...]

Features Lock Settings2019-01-08T19:52:39+00:00