Get much more from your AWS Elemental Live Encoders

Less complexity, more control!

Boragrid is the world's best tool for your AWS Elemental Live encoders. It is designed to make your work easier by providing features not available in the standard interface of your encoders.

Boragrid makes your work easier and more accurate

Remote Control Events Status
Input Switch Encoder Status
Image Insert Logs
Audio Gain Alerts
SMTP-35 Cue Markers

Send commands simultaneously to all or a group of your live events and makes it easier to know the status of your transmissions and encoders.

You no longer need to open a tab for each event. Boragrid shows all your events in a single elegant interface.

Insert and remove slates and logos at any time during your transmissions.

Modules give you flexibility

Modules of different features can be used according to your project needs.

Event Controller Module

Event Controller

Event Outputs Module

Event Outputs

Event Log Module

Event Log

Encoder System Information Module

Encoder System Information

Encoder Alerts Module

Encoder Alerts

Player Embedder Module

Player Embedder

HTML Code Module


Clock Module


Image Module


Web Site Module

Web Site

  • Event Controller
  • Event Outputs
  • Event Log
  • Encoder System Information
  • Encoder Alerts
  • Player Embedder
  • HTML
  • Clock
  • Image
  • Web Site

Customize the grid according to your needs


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  • Boragrid

  • $ 230 monthly
    $2480 for a year
  • 8x8 Max Grid Size
  • 8 Images Overlay Layers
  • Event Outputs Module
  • SCTE-35 Cue Out Inserter
  • Mov and PNG Sequences Overlay*
  • 8 concurrent instances on the same computer
  • Features Locker
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* Mov and PNG Sequences Overlay feature requires AWS Elemental's Motion Image Inserter Package license