BoraGrid 4 Beta

Hello BoraGrid 4 beta tester.

Much has changed in the development of this version. New tools and techniques have been used. Hundreds of new lines of code have been written. We would like your help to improve the application and search for bugs.

This version was primarily tested using the Chrome browser.

Thank you!

The BoraGrid Team

Current Version: 0.12.0




Linux (AppImage):

Default Application Users

Role: Administrator: Full access
Password: boragrid

Role: Operator: Can’t access settings
Password: boragrid

Role: Viewer: Can only load, connect and monitor projects
Password: boragrid

New Features

  • Web Server / Browser interface – Run BG4 in your desktop and access the UI in your browser
  • Linux support
  • Account Permission Levels – Administrator, operator and viewer
  • Controller Module Expanded View – Double click the module video preview to hide buttons and expande it
  • Controller Module Twin event – Replicate all commands to a backup event
  • Module Contextual Menu – Right click over a module to open its menu full of options
    • Start / Stop / Reset
    • Audio Gain / Mute / Unmute
    • Input Switching
    • Images insertion
    • Edit Module
    • Duplicate Module
    • Remove Module
  • Drag & Drop Modules
  • Dark / Light Modes.
  • Copy Logs and Alerts to the clipboard
  • Open Project in Full Screen Option

Upcoming New Features

  • Commands Batch and Scheduling
  • Implemented in v0.12.0: Account Permission Levels – Administrator, operator and viewer

Features of version 3 not yet implemented

  • Cue In countdown
  • Import image names from a folder
  • Import Inputs names from a event
  • Modules: Clock, HTML, Player Embedder, Image and Web Site

Known Bugs

Safari V12 (Mojave)

    • Alert alarm request permission for every beep
    • Fix in v0.9.1 : Controller Module: Audio graphic meter do not working

Quick Start

Enter you encoders information

  • Menu > Settings
  • Click Encoders
  • Click +Add
  • Enter you encoder name and address. If authentication is enabled on your encoder, also enter a user name and API Key.
  • Click Add

Creating a Module

  • In the main control page, select Menu > Modules > New Module.
  • Enter the new module information (type, encoder, event, etc).
  • Click OK.

Connect to your encoders

  • Click the Connect button in control panel or go to Menu > Project > Connect
  • After connect, you can start sending commands to your events.

Send commands to your events

There are three ways to send commands to your events

  • Clicking modules buttons
  • Right clicking a module and selecting a menu item
  • Using control panel: Commands will be send to all unlocked modules