BoraTasker allows you to send a batch of commands to be executed by BoraGrid. Batch submission can be started manually or scheduled at a certain time and repeated weekly.

  1. Tasks Tab
  2. Settings Tab
  3. Schedule Area
  4. Batches Area
  5. Log Area
  6. Connection Status

Entering Your License

BoraTasker license

Go to  Settings tab / License.

Paste your licence key.

Click the Apply Change button.

Close then reopen the application.

Connecting to BoraGrid

Open BoraGrid and BoraTasker on the same computer.

Make sure that in the BoraTasker footer the connection status is shown as “Connected”.

In BoraGrid there must be at least one Controller module running.

Creating a batch

In the Batches area, click the New button. Name it as “Mute audio for 10 seconds” then click the OK button.

The newly created batch will appear in the batches list.

Click on the batch name to expand the command area.

BoraTasker New Command

Click the New Command button.

From the commands list, select “Audio Mute”. Click the Add button.

The newly created “Audio Mute” command will appear in the commands list.

Click the New Command button again.

From the commands list, select “Wait” then set the duration to 10 seconds. Click the Add button

BoraTasker Command Wait

Add a new command selecting “Audio Unmute” from the commands list.

BoraTasker New Batch 02

Testing your Batch

Note: Batch commands will be sent to all running controllers that are not locked in BoraGrid. Make sure they are not in production.

Run the batch command sequence by clicking the play icon next to the batch title.

See in the BoraGrid user interface, events should be muted for 10 seconds and then back to the previous audio level.

Scheduling a batch execution

In the Schedule area, click the New Task button. An Add New Task dialog box will appear.

BoraTasker New Task

From the Batch list, select your batch (“Mute audio for 10 seconds”).

The “Affected Controllers” list shows the controllers available in BoraGrid, select the ones you want to run the commands. If the list is empty, close the dialog box, click the reload button and try again.

Set the batch execution time. A minute in the future is a good time for a test.

Set the weekly repetition frequency. If it is left empty, the batch will not be executed.

Click the OK button.

BoraTasker Schedule

At the defined time, the batch will be executed.

To edit your task, double click over the task row.