Connect to Encoders

Connect / Disconnect to encoders. When enabled, Boragrid requests the status of the encoders and events periodically.

See Control Panel / Connect Button.

Silent, no Audible Alarms

Mute / Unmute audible alerts from all modules.

See Control Panel / Silent Button.

Reset Events / Stop Events / Stop Events

See Control Panel / Reset, Start, Stop Buttons.

Input Source Prepare / Input Source Change

See Control Panel / Input Source Switcher, Using the input switcher.

Image In / Image Out

See Control Panel / Images-Inserter, Inserting images, logos and animation over the vídeo.

Apply Audio Gain, Mute / Unmute Audio

Apply audio the gain value showed at control panel audio controller gain field.

See Control Panel / Audio Controller.

Cue Out

See Control Panel / Cue Out / Cue In Insert.

Lock All Controllers, Unlock All Controllers, Invert Controllers Lock State

See Control Panel / Lock / Unlock Buttons.