Commands from control panel are sended to all unlocked controllers modules. See ‘Lock / Unlock Buttons’ below for more information about locking controllers modules.

1 – Connect Button

Connect / Disconnect to encoders. When enabled, Boragrid requests the status of the encoders and events periodically.

2 – Silent Button

Mute / Unmute audible alerts from all modules.

3 – Reset, Start, Stop Buttons

Sends reset, start or stop commands to all Event Controller Modules.

4 – Input Source Switcher

Allows to switch events input source.

You can insert and edit input sources in Settings / Project Settings / Input Sources.

Select an input source the click “Go”.

If the new input is a live source, try to click the “Pre” button about five seconds before the “Go” button to get a seamless switching.

See “Using the input switcher”.

5 – Audio Controller

Audio gain, mute and unmute.

Select audio gain value to set to live event (-60db to 60db) then press Gain button.

Mute button sets audio gain to -60db.

6 – Lock / Unlock Buttons

1 – Lock all controllers modules.

2 – Unlock all controllers modules.

3 – Invert lock state of all controllers modules.

Locked controllers modules are not affected from control panel requests.

7 – Favorites Projects Loader

Favorite projects can be added to the quick load list.

Click the star button to add the current project to the favorites list.

Click on the ‘load’ button to load the selected project.

Shortcuts ALT + 1 to ALT + 9 can be used to load favorite projects.

Edit the favorites list on the settings page.

See “Using favorites projects loader”.

8 – Images Inserter

Allows to overlay images (logos, slates, low thirds etc.) over the streaming video.

See “Inserting images, logos and animation over the vĂ­deo”.

9 – Cue Out / Cue In Inserter

See SCTE-35 Cue Markers Insertions.

10 – Hide Control Panel Button

Hides / Shows the control panel.

11 – Settings / Main Control Button

Toggles between the main control page and the settings page.