The list of images overlay can be imported from a folder in the encoder or from another folder accessible by Boragrid. See the following example.

Go to Menu / Read a list of images from a folder…

  1. Click the search button and browse to the image folder in the encoder, e.g., then click “Select Folder”. If your encoder image folder is not shared, you can select a local folder that contains copies of the images. e.g. D:/images/
  2. Uncheck all images you don’t need.
  3. Enter the encoder images folder, e.g. /data/server/incoming/images/
  4. Choose if you want to replace current image list or append to the existing one.
  5. Click “Import to image list”.

After that, the list of images will be updated.

The image list can be edited in Settings / Project Settings / Images Overlay.