Unlike the web interface of your encoder Boragrid allows you to insert images over the video at any time during your transmission.


  • The size of the image cannot be higher than the video resolution; otherwise, an error will occur.
  • The file has to be an image (PNG or BMP format) or a XML file. Check your encoder manual for further information.
  • AWS Elemental Motion Graphic Inserter License is required to display MOV files and PNG sequences.
  • In the web interface of your encoders, in the event configuration tab, the “Image Inserter” option must be “ON” and the “Enable REST Control” option must be checked.

Add images and animations manually to the image List

To add, remove or edit the list of images go to “Settings / Project Settings / Images Overlay”.

To add, remove or edit the list of animations go to “Settings / Project Settings /Motion Images

Overlay”. To enter a sequence of PNG files, only enter the file name of the first image, for example “logo-anim0000.png”.

Read images list from a folder

If your computer has access to the encoder’s image storage or if there is a copy of those images in a local folder, you can import the list of images from that folder.

Go to “Menu / Tools / Read a list of images from a folder…”.

Click the search button and select image folder, for example “S:\data\server\incoming\images\”.

Check the images files you want to import.

Choose if you want to append to a existed list or replace the current one.

Click “Import to images list” button.

Inserting imagens and animations

Be sure Boragrid is connected to your encoders and your events are running.

Select a layer and choose an image. Click “In” to inset it or “Out” to remove it.