Naming input sources on your encoder

In the web interface of your encoder give a label to each input of an event.

Creating an input list

In Boragrid you can enter or edit the list of the inputs labels in Settings / Project Settings / Input Sources.

To get the label and all inputs of an event go to Menu / Tools / Read the list of inputs from a event…

If the list of inputs are not updated, refresh your project (Win: ctrl+ R / Mac: cmd+ R) and try again.

Select the controller module from which event you want to obtain the list of inputs then click “Select”.

Uncheck the inputs you do not want to include in the list.

Choose whether to append to an existing input list or replace it.

Click “Import to input list”.

The input source switcher should now display an updated list.

Switching sources inputs

Select a new input label then click “Go” to switch the event input source.

Clicking the “Pre” button about 5+ seconds before the “Go” button will generate a faster seamless switching.