Allows you to monitor and control a single live event.

1 – Preview window with live updated frame captures

2 – Audio level (Bars and numeric value)

3 – Silent Button. Mutes audible alerts from this module.

4 – Cue Out Button. Requeste a SCTE-35 Cue Out Marker Insertion to the stream.

5 – Cue In Button. Requeste a SCTE-35 Cue In Marker Insertion to the stream.

6 – Alert button. Indicates that there was an alarm. Click on it to dismiss.

7 – Control button. Sends start, stop or reset commands to event.

8 -Lock / unlock button. Locked controllers modules do not accept control panel commands.

9 – Input video buffer summary statistics. Click the reset icon to reset stats.

10 – Encoder’s name.

11 – Event’s id and name. Can be replaced by a custom label.

12 – Event state.

13 – Processing Time.

Module Settings

Select an encoder from the list and click “Get Events”. A list of active encoder events will be loaded.

Select an event from the list of events.

Optionally, you can enter a custom label to be displayed instead of the event ID and name.

Click “OK”.