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Shows an HTML formatted text. You can use Bootstrap 4.0 classes and Font Awesome 4.7 icons.

For the above text the following code was used:

<h2 class="text-warning"><i class="fa fa-trophy"></i> Today's Matches</h2>
<table class="table table-striped">
<td>2:00 pm</td>
<td>Red vs Orange</td>
<td class="text-success">Main</td>
<td>3:00 pm</td>
<td>Yellow vs Green</td>
<td class="text-info">W1</td>
<td>4:00 pm</td>
<td>Blue vs Purple</td>
<td class="text-success">Main</td>
<h3><i class="fa fa-phone-square"></i>MCR: 3889-2772</h3>

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