Information about the image files for insertion over the video signal.

See also “Inserting Images, Logos and Animation Over the Video”.



  • The size of the image cannot be higher than the video input source resolution; otherwise, an error will occur.
  • The file has to be an image (PNG or BMP format) or a XML file. Check your encoder manual for further information.
  • In the web interface of your encoders, in the event configuration tab, the “Image Inserter” option must be “ON” and the “Enable REST Control” option must be checked.


A name to identify the image.

Eg. “Before Event Slate” or “Channel Logo”


Path to the image file. The file has to be accessible to the encoder.

Eg. /data/server/incoming//logo.png

Left / Top

Distance of the image from the left border and top of the video.

Eg. 0


Transparency of the image. 0 = completely transparent, 100 = opaque.

Eg. 50