Information about the animation files for insertion over the video signal.

See also “Inserting Images, Logos and Animation Over the Video”.


  • AWS Elemental Motion Graphic Inserter License is required to display MOV files and PNG sequences.
  • In the web interface of your encoders, in the event configuration tab, the “Image Inserter” option must be “ON” and the “Enable REST Control” option must be checked.


A name to identify the animation.

E.g. “Opening” or “Animated Logo”


Choose “MOV File” or “PNG Sequence” depending on the type of file you will use.

Frame rate

PNG mode only. Choose the frame rate to playback the PNG sequence.


Path to the animation file. The file has to be accessible to the encoder. To enter a sequence of PNG files, only enter the file name of the first image, for example “logo-anim0000.png”.

E.g. /data/server/incoming/

Left / Top

Distance of the animation from the left border and top of the video.

E.g. 0

Full Frame

Expand to fit frame. Preserves aspect ratio of images.


Loop on/off