What’s new in Boragrid 3.6.1

  • BoraGrid can now be controlled by other Letsbora products, such as BoraTasker
  • Fix: “Erro: null | Unauthorized |” message when controller module is locked
  • Some minor bug fixes and improvements

What’s new in Boragrid 3.5.1

  • Auto Reopening feature. Reloads the current project if its file is modified by other software
  • Some bug fixes

What’s new in Boragrid 3.4

  • Elemental Live cloud based support (Beta. Some features are not yet full implemented)
  • Support for encoders with authentication not enabled
  • White Label version. It allows you to replace application’s name and logos by your owns
  • Bug fixes

What’s new in Boragrid 3.1

SCTE-35 Markers Insertions new features

  • Cue-In button on control panel
  • Cue-Out insertion with no duration
  • Controller module with Cue-Out and Cue-In buttons

What’s new in Boragrid 3.0

New modules

Event Outputs Module
Image Module
Image Module
Web Site Module
Web Page Module

Custom modules titles

Replace “Encoder name + Event name” with the information of your choice.

Up to 8×8 size grid in Pro version

Take advantage of your 4K monitor.

Up to 8 concurrent instances running on the same computer

Different projects running at the same time.
Great for your monitoring video wall.

Favorites projects quick loader

Quickly switch between your most used projects.

Motion images overlay

Play Mov files and PNG sequences over video.

Note: Requires AWS Elemental’s Motion Image Inserter Package license.

Import inputs labels list from an event

The list of available input sources can be imported from an event.

Import images file names from a directory

The image overlay list can be imported from your encoder storage or from a local folder.

New compact UI font

More space to show data.


  • Modules toolbar can be hidden
  • Silent an alerting module
  • Monthly and annual subscriptions plans

Feature removed

Legacy mode

Importante Note

Project files from earlier versions are not compatible with the new .bg3 project files.